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01 Mar

Now pretty weak, if I do say so myself...''''I have no problem getting girls,'' Nathan replied just as quick. At her voicemail, he quickly left her a message and ran across campus to make his next few classes of the day.--After his last class, he saw that he had two new voicemails and a smile light up his handsome face.''Nate Scott! It's not right to ignore family like this, brother o' mine. ''You're still hung up over your ex, who just happens to be with your rival, but you hire your best friend to replace her for a weekend to get said rival off your back? No wonder you got a scholarship...''Nathan laughed. I mean, yeah I ask her to come down and pose as my girlfriend, but we've been friends since we were neighbors growing up. ''Whatever man, all I'm saying is that if Roe thinks he's got game, he's obviously missing something 'cause you're the man!

Ever since he'd arrived at UNC a couple weeks ago, he'd been hit on a lot, but no one understood him like Peyton. Big dramatic sigh Anyway, good news -- wait, who am I kidding? My clothing line is getting picked up in Tree Hill so I might be coming back sooner than you think! Over the years, we've owed each other several crazy favors. ''I..mean, you don't want to get your friend's hopes up or whatever, man. ''Nathan rolled his eyes this time and shoved a clean shirt in Skill's face.

Nathan spun and noticed that it was his roommate and teammate, Antwone ''Skills'' Tanner, that had spoken and he shook his head, automatically correcting his new friend.''No,'' he explained sadly. Nathan had a free period so he jogged down to the gym to get a few free shots in, not realizing Haley's new boyfriend -- and his rival for captain, would be already there.''Scott, nice to see you still need practice,'' Lucas snapped as he lined up a shot and nailed it.

''God, Nate, I just don't even know...''''Well, neither do I! He saw Haley pass by on her way to a class, their eyes locking briefly before she looked away, and he slumped against the wall.''Damn it, Brooke, she just and this pain is still so real that I need something to take the edge off..kind of diversion so I can move on finally. We'd do anything to make our favorite b-ball star feel better, you know that.'' She imagined him smiling then. I can't wait till I get to see you and Pey again in a month!!

I-I thought Peyton would be good at helping me since she knows me so well, but I guess I overshot...''Brooke felt for her brother, she really did. ''But you gotta let go..besides, if this Lucas is as good at basketball as he thinks he is, then he's worth you acting like a cocky jerk 'cause you owned Tree Hill, next to me of course.'' Nathan couldn't stifle a laugh at the thought of high school.

でっ、ブレーキフルードブリーディング用ワンウェイバルブで代用を試みて見ます。 今回用意したのは、ファクトリーギア製のワンウェイバルブです。 (シリコンホース&タイラップ2本が付いて1570円) 今回は、クランクケースから直接出ている所のみ付けてみます。 試運転前に、↑画像の状態でアイドリングしてみると、 黄矢印のブローバイ圧力はバルブを付けた事により、 排出圧力が弱くなってしまいます。(体感的には30~40%減) そして、赤矢印方向の排出圧力ですが・・・、結構強いですっ! これって、クランクケース側のブローバイ排出の妨げになっている!?

A few million miles away from Los Angeles, danger is lurking.