Maually updating msi bios

20 Dec

Before we start there is one key thing we need check for the driver installation to go smoothly. Don’t be tempted to use the NT driver for an XP computer, nor is it worth using a driver that is designed for a model that is ‘close but not quite the same’ as your piece of hardware.If it’s an external piece of hardware the model number etc are usually on there somewhere, either on top or maybe under the unit (where you’ll often find the serial number), so check them.It might be worth saving it to the desktop or even to a new folder you made called ‘drivers’. The other option is that you have the driver on a floppy or CD Rom that came with the device – this is even easier: usually you just put it in the drive and follow the instructions. The easiest for the general user are those drivers that come as part of an executable file (one that ends with .exe).It’s a good idea to scan the file with your virus scanner before doing anything, particularly if you’ve downloaded it. Updating the drivers is a straightforward process, once you’ve been shown how to do it.Here we’re going to look at installing drivers on Windows XP, though despite the differences, all the Windows versions have some common features so you should have no trouble figuring it out if you don’t run XP.EDIT: I found what my TRC should be but now I need to know what my t RRD should be for 4-4-4-12 ddr 667 memoryjust start by setting everythign to auto (or spd), that way you will run at manufacture's specs and no OC. If you are still encountering problem but memtest says fine, try to increase the latency a litttle (sometimes the timing might be too aggressive for the syste).

Having chosen ‘don’t search’ you can use the button on the right below the list (called ‘have disc’).

This method is similar in all windows set ups, and all work from a command line instead – to do this go to ‘Start’, choose ‘Run’ and type in the box. Click the tab for driver and you get all the details you need.

You’re looking at ‘Update Driver’, and normally you want to say no to the suggestion that Windows initiates a search via the Microsoft website because you already have the disc or file. If you have the disc you choose it on the next screen, if you are looking for the file you’ve downloaded choose the option to select from a list (don’t be put off by the word ‘advanced’).

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